The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
April / May 1991

Andrew Boughton as the Govenor Andrew Boughton as the Govenor
Adam Forde as Melvyn P Thorpe Adam Forde as Melvyn P Thorpe
Clare Hosmer as an Angelette Clare Hosmer as an Angelette
Some of the Chorus Some of the Chorus
Mandy and Ali with the dummy Angelettes

The cast was:

Narrator Tony Creasey Tony Creasey
Mona Stangley Heather Heather Legat
Miss Wulla Jean Gilly Dunn
Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd Malcolm Dobson Malcolm Dobson
Angel Sue Stuart
Shy Toni Adnams
Scruggs Mike Lee Mike Lee
Jewel Jackie Bearman
Doatsey Mae Jo/ Jo Boughton
Linda Lou Ali Manning
Dawn Nicky Nicola Swallow
Ginger Lynn Lynn Patton
Ruby Rae Mel Melanie Tyrrell
Eloise Linda Linda Marchant
Edsel Mackey Richard Bowden
Durla Mandy Mandy Sutcliffe
Melvyn P Thorpe Adam Forde
Chip Brewster Mike Seargeant
Senator Wingwoah Peter Peter Sillick
Governor Andy Andy
Beatrice Pauleen Pauleen Dowsett
Most photographs by Peter Sillick & Mark Raggett
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