(Honorary Patron: Vanessa Redgrave CBE)

25th to 28th April 2012
The Grayshott Stagers presented:

Something's Afoot

The Director was Peter BuddPeter
The Musical Director was Anne BradleyAnne
The Choreographer was Laura MuscoLaura

Something's Afoot is a murder mystery musical that spoofs famous detective stories,
and in particular, the works of Agatha Christie.

The play involves a group of people who are invited to the lake estate of Lord Dudley Rancour.
When the wealthy lord is found dead, its a race against the clock to find out whodunnit.

The Cast:

Lettie Amy Amy Turner
Flint Ellis Ellis Nicholls
Hope Langdon Susie Susie Dean
Dr Grayburn Laura Laura Musco
Nigel Rancour Ian Ian Wilson-Soppitt
Lady Grace Manley-Prowe Brezetta Brezetta Thonger
Clive John John Dowsett
Col. Gillweather Mike Mike Clarke
Miss Tweed Sara Sara Rowe
Geoffrey Jason Jason Davenhill

Something's Afoot

The set

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