(Honorary Patron: Vanessa Redgrave)

13th to 16th April 2011
The Grayshott Stagers presented:

Music and lyrics by Cole Porter.
Book by James Bianchi, Muriel McAuley and Randy Strawderman
Conceived by Randy Strawderman.
Musical concepts and arrangements by Dougee Zeno

Director: Heather Legat
Musical Director: Robert Gillman

The cast
The cast

Actor 1 Richard Richard White   Actress 1 Rachel Rachel Perkins
Actress 2 Laura Laura Musco   Actor 2 Graham Graham Gale
Actor 3 Ellis Ellis Nicholls   Actress 3 Melanie Melanie Tyrrell
Actress 4 Sara Sara Rowe   Actor 4 John John Hilder
Actor 5 Ian Ian Wilson-Soppit   Actress 5 Susie Susie Dean
Actress 6 Jennifer Jennifer Charters   Actor 6 Peter Peter Gardner
Waiter David David Landau        

"Red Hot & Cole" celebrates the life of one of the great song writing masters of the 20th century. This two-act revue traces Cole's career from Indiana to the world stages of New York, London, Paris and Venice, through his marriage, his friendships with the greats of his age and the tragic riding accident that crippled him in mid-career, physically, but not artistically. The show features over 25 Cole Porter standards, including 'Night And Day', 'I Love Paris', 'Anything Goes', 'Let's Do It', 'Miss Otis Regrets', 'Just One Of Those Things', 'In The Still Of The Night' and 'My Heart Belongs To Daddy'.

He's 'throwing a ball tonight' - and you're all invited, to a 'swellegant' theatrical party spanning the life of Broadway's greatest wit, the irrepressible Cole Porter.

A scintillating mixture of biography and song, "Red Hot & Cole" celebrates the great American songwriter who brought style, elegance and sophistication to the stages and soundstages of Broadway and Hollywood, delighting the world with his devilishly clever rhymes, fresh and unexpected melodies and sassy, sexy sensibility.

"Red Hot & Cole" bubbles with songs that have become international standards, from such classic shows and movies as 'Anything Goes,' 'Kiss Me Kate', 'High Society' and 'Can-Can' among others. It traces Porter's life from his childhood in Indiana to the stages and penthouses of New York, London, Paris and Venice.

It's a champagne tribute to a glittering age gone by, and the man and talent who was Cole Porter.

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