(Honorary Patron: Vanessa Redgrave CBE)

24th to 27th April 2013
The Grayshott Stagers presented:

The Director was Laura Musco

The Musical Director was Rob Miller

The Cast:

Reverend Mother Mary Regina Jane Jane Clayton
Sister Mary Hubert Rachel Rachel Perkins
Sister Robert Anne Heather Heather Legat
Sister Mary Amnesia Susie Susie Dean
Sister Mary Leo Naomi Naomi Ahmed
Sister Julia, Child of God Brezetta Brezetta Thonger
Sister Mary Brendan Jennifer Jennifer Charters
Sister Mary Luke Pauline Pauline Harries
Sister Mary Wilhelm Melanie Melanie Tyrrell
Sister Mary Virgil Shirley Shirley Jelliss
Sister Mary Libraria photo to follow Gloria Simpson

Come and find out:
WHY the Little Sisters of Hoboken need to put on a fund raising show;
HOW Amnesia lost her memory;
WHY there are only 19 nuns left;
WHAT Robert Anne does quicker than any mechanic in Hoboken;
WHY the nuns have gate-crashed "Grease";
WHAT Leo's ambition is;
WHAT Rev Mother did before she was a nun...

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