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22nd to 25th April 2015
The Grayshott Stagers presented:

The Night Maxie Tortellini Hit
Big Lola Latrobe's

Music by Peter Brittian
Book & Lyrics by Colin Swift

The Director was Heather Legat Heather
The Musical Director was Edward RobertsEdward

The cast:

Maxie Tortellini Ellis Ellis Nicholls
Lola Latrobe Abi Abi White
Fingers Rafferty Robert Robert Gillman
Tony Di Martino Richard Richard White
Marianne Bethany Bethany Magennis-Prior
Louis John John Dowsett
Brains Joe Joe White
Roxy Alex Alexandra Yates
Also appearing Jennifer Jennifer Charters
  Laura Laura Musco
  David David Gow
  Mel Melanie Tyrrell
  Steve Steve Musco
  Hazel Hazel Burrows
  Ian Ian Canavan
  David David Landau

THE STORY (Chicago in the 20s)

"Oh, Chicago, this terrible city we love", sing the whole company as the Prologue to this pastiche about life in the 'windy city'.

Set in the seedy night club of the redoubtable Miss Lola Latrobe, we follow the goings-on during one evening there. The Casino Club used to be the hottest night-spot in town, but like its owners and performers, it has seen better days.

The set
The set - Chicago Skyline
The set
The set - The Casino Club
"The Night Maxie Tortellini Hit Big Lola Latrobe's" is the story of Fingers Rafferty, the piano player who used to be the best, of Lola, whose world is crumbling all around her, who still can't 'find her man', of Maxie Tortellini, the biggest hoodlum in the town who was Lola's lover ten years before, of Tony di Martino, who still claims to be the greatest Vaudeville singer in America today, and of the loves and lives of the chorus girls, some coming up from the scrapheap, some starting out with their eyes full of stars.

There's romance, there's danger, there's music, there's dance in the fast-moving stylish cliché of Chicago life - gangsters, molls, chorus girls, musicians, jazz, booze, pills, laughs, disasters. The tale builds up to the climax of the "hit" - but there's a twist and just when everything appears to be resolving itself happily, there's another twist - and all is set to the strident, exciting heartbeat that is Chicago in the days of prohibition, in the days of jazz.

By arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music Limited administered by Boosey & Hawkes


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