The Grayshott Stagers
La Cage aux Folles
4th, 5th, 6th May 2000
in Grayshott, Hampshire

11th, 12th, 13th May 2000
in Haslemere, Surrey

The Director was HeatherHeatherLegat
The Musical Director was GrantGrant (& Kim)Hossack
The Choreographer was MandyMandySutcliffe

This warm and funny musical revolves around Georges, owner of the notorious nightclub, 'La Cage aux Folles', and his lover, Albin, who is also the club's star performer.

Jean-Michel, Georges' son, arrives to inform him that he is engaged, and his future in-laws are about to arrive to meet his parents. Jean-Michel is anxious to impress, and appear to be part of a respectable family.

Unfortunately, Albin is keen to be involved.....

The cast was:

Albin Tony Tony Creasey
Georges Richard Richard White
Jean-Michel Jeremy Jeremy Legat
Anne Emma Emma Wheelhouse
Edouard Dindon Richard Richard Tytler
Jacob Guy Guy Newman
Jacqueline Lynn Lynn Patton
Marie Dindon Lizzie Lizzie Dobson
Monsieur Renaud Malcolm Malcolm Dobson
Madame Renaud Thelma Thelma Robertson
Francis John John Dickens

Sebastian Bonfield, Adrian Burrows, Richard Milla, Melanie Tyrrell, Margot Tringham, Mandy Sutcliffe, Rachel Charters, John Dowsett, Jennifer Charters, Pauline Harries

Also appearing Suzi Suzi Walker
Mike Mike Lee
Bob Bob Fells
Denise Denise Burrows
Shirley Jelliss

And featuring
Wee Willie
"Wee Willie"
Alan's Sculpture
The Haslemere Herald review

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