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Afterplay Two Purple Gloves
Brian Friel

Michael Park

directed by
directed by
Ellis Nicholls

Sara Wilson-Soppitt

The play revisits the lives of two people, Andrey Prozorov and Sonya Serebriakova, who had a previous existence in two separate plays. Both plays were written by the same author (Anton Chekov) one hundred years ago. It's been a busy Christmas week at Tollerbay shopping centre, but peace reigns now that the late-night shoppers have gone home. As midnight approaches, and she does her regular checks, the last thing security guard Connie needs is an old tramp taking up residence on her patch. However, as they talk, he turns out to have had quite a past, and they eventually find they have more in common than either of them would have suspected.

The casts

Sonya Photo to follow Ann Penfold Connie Franklin Helen Helen Wigram
Andrey Steffen Steffen Zschaler Harry Hollingsworth Ian Ian Wilson-Soppitt

The Programme

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