(Honorary Patron: Dame Vanessa Redgrave)

Come On, Jeeves

by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse

24th to 26th November 2022

The director was Sara Sara Wilson-Soppitt

The cast

Bill PPiers Piers Husband
Jill Caroline Caroline Thompson
Rory David David Gow
Monica Helen Helen Wigram
Jeeves Ellis Ellis Nicholls
Mrs Spottsworth Susie Susie Gow
Captain Biggar Ian Ian Wilson-Soppitt
Chief Constable John John Hilder
Ellen Ruth Ruth Wilbraham

Whilst Bertie Wooster is out of town, his gentleman's gentleman, the inimitable Jeeves, is on loan to the Earl of Towcester. The Earl, known as Bill, has been losing heavily on the horses, so decides to become a bookie, but it doesn't quite go to plan!

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