Grayshott Stagers
(Honorary Patron: Dame Vanessa Redgrave)

18th & 19th February 2022

The Highwayman Accommodation Haunted Lockdown in Little Grimley
Martin Sims

Alan Richardson

David Tristram

directed by
directed by
directed by
Martin Sims

Ellis Nicholls

Brezetta Thonger

  An amateur production by arrangement
with Stagescripts Ltd
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd.
on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.
The Highwayman by our own Martin Sims who is not only directing, but directing a play he has also written. In the bleak winter of 1750, two mysterious strangers meet in a desolate wood. But who are they and can anyone be trusted? In this light and dark comedy we join Brian as he finds himself on an unexpected visit to a property letting agency… for ghosts. This topical comedy examines the efforts of the Little Grimley drama club to come back after the lifting of the lockdown restrictions, but still having to cope with social distancing, the effects of isolation and the shortage of toilet rolls. They plan a spectacular show in aid of the NHS, but it does not go precisely to plan.

The casts

Katherine Caroline Caroline Thompson Brian Eric Eric Collins Gordon Richard Richard Weller
Thomas Richard Richard White Lucy Jennifer Jennifer Charters Margaret Valerie Valerie Shears
  Eleanor Melanie Melanie Tyrrell Joyce Rachel Rachel Perkins
  Sarah Jo Jo Weller Bernard David David Gow

The Menu

Friday 18th
Chicken Curry or Vegan Curry

Both served with rice and naan bread
Poppadoms and dips available on table

Provided by The Gurkha Durbar


Saturday 19th
Fish & Chips or Baked Potato with Coleslaw

Crudités and dips available on table

Provided by Frankie's

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