The Grayshott Stagers
(Honorary Patron: Vanessa Redgrave)

18th to 20th November 2010
The Grayshott Stagers presented:

by Philip King and Parnell Bradbury

Director: June Hegarty

The cast:

The Reverend Gavin Clevedon John John Dowsett
Carol Clevedon Brezetta Brezetta Thonger
Dr Thomas Vann John John Hilder
Lucy Manning Jane Jane Clayton
Mrs Wilson Pauline Pauline Harries
Edward Hastings Mike Mike Pennick
Grace Roberts Angie Angie Hilder

When Carol, the highly-strung ex-actress wife of the Vicar, complains hysterically that she has been assaulted by 'Dark Lucy' - an unpleasant old village woman who lives in a dirty broken down cottage - the doctor is inclined to put it down to hallucinations and she is believed by nobody. But when another young girl disappears Carol decides to investigate what goes on in the old cottage. What she discovers exceeds her wildest nightmares.

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