The Grayshott Stagers
The Grayshott Stagers
Anything Goes
April / May 1993

The Director was DoreenDoreenWylde
The Musical Director was RobertPhotos to followCantan
The Choreographer was ToniPhotos to followAdnams

The cast was:

Elisha J Whitney Peter Peter Sillick
Steward Barry Barry Penny
Reporter Photos to follow Richard Bowden
Cameraman Mike Mike Lee
Sir Evelyn Oakleigh Peter Peter Jones
Mrs Harcourt Peggy Peggy Blakeborough
Bishop Henry T.Dobson Photos to follow David Marchant
First Chinese Kevin Kevin Kaighin
Second Chinese Richard Richard Batten
Reno Sweeney Jackie Jackie Bearman
Virtue Photos to follow Gill Beynon
Charity Jennifer Jennifer Charters
Purity Shirley Shirley Jelliss
Billy Crocker Andy Andrew Boughton
Purser John John Hilder
Moonface Martin Tony Tony Creasey
Bonnie Nicky Nicky Swallow
Captain Malcolm Malcolm Dobson
Hope Harcourt Jo Jo Boughton

Also appearing.....

Liz Dobson Lizzie
Alan Alan Clark
Margaret Hartwell Photos to follow
Photos to follow David McGrath
Tony Runacres Photos to follow
Photos to follow Susie Rusby
Mandy Sutcliffe Mandy
Photos to follow Val Smith
Marian Walker Marian
Photos to follow Janice Safford
Lynn Patton Lynn
Photos to follow Karen Dowestt
Pauleen Dowsett Pauleen
Rachel Rachel Charters
Hazel Davies Photos to follow
Betty Betty Penny
Audrey Gearing Audrey
Photos to follow Jenny Batten

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