(Honorary Patron: Vanessa Redgrave CBE)

25th to 28th May 2016
The Grayshott Stagers presented:


by Victoria Wood

The Director was Andy Boughton

The Musical Director was Rob Miller

The cast:

Mrs Overall Laura Laura Musco
Miss Babs Susie Susie Dean
Miss Berta Rachel Rachel Perkins
Miss Bonnie Kim Kim Seymour
Mimi Helen Helen Coyte
Manchesterford Soloist Mary Mary Coyte
Christine Jennifer Jennifer Charters
Miss Willoughby Mary Mary Coyte
Miss Wellbelove Pauline Pauline Harries
Lucy, the Lollipop Lady Mandy Mandy Boughton
Miss Cuff Mary-Lou Mary-Lou Knox
Mr Clifford John John Dowsett
(loan shark girl)
Ruth Ruth McLeod
(loan shark girl)
Sue Sue Tytler
(loan shark girl)
Caroline Caroline Thompson
Hugh Tom Tom Edser
Tony Doug Doug McLeod
Mr Furlong Steve Steve Musco
Mr Minchin John John Hilder
Mr Watkins Bernard Bernard Whelan
Derek Paul Paul Bailey
Postie Andy Andy Boughton

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Andy Boughton wrote:

When I accepted the invitation to direct the Stagers' 2016 musical shortly after the successful completion of 'The 39 Steps', little did I realise that the choosing of a show suited to the Stagers and one which would comply with a lengthy list of parameters, would be such a challenge. However, the choice of 'Acorn Antiques - The Musical' is, in my opinion, a stroke of genius! Its choice has certainly inspired me and I am very much looking forward to taking on this show of richly visual comedy. Very quirky and 'tongue in cheek' and right up my street. Thank you Susie and Jennifer for your patience and determination to get the right one.

The show, written by Victoria Wood, was directed by Trevor Nunn for its original 2005 run in the West End. Written as a musical within a musical it starred Julie Walters and Celia Imrie as well as Victoria Wood herself. It was well received and completed a three month sell-out run before being revived the following year for a very successful UK tour as a slimmer version of its original, and overly long, self. If parodies and spoofs and the art of coarse acting interest you, then this could be what you are looking for; I hope so!

The Programme

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